How can you save $3000/month per Autoclave?

Aerospace composites manufacturers face numerous challenges:

  • Accuracy and reliability of thermocouple performance.
  • Lost time, increased scrap due to poor junctions, loose connectors and leaks under the bag.
  • Used thermocouples must be thrown away or undergo time-consuming and expensive refurbishing and testing prior to new cures.
  • BAC 5621 compliance and ease of traceability for NADCAP audits.

There is a better thermocouple solution for autoclave applications.


 In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The benefits of using pre-made thermocouple assemblies.
  • Savings based on time studies (AccuClave vs. Conventional Thermocouple)
  • Additional saving from using AccuClave-X extension cables
  • How to calculate your own savings.

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