Quick twist of the bayonet locking cap assures easy installation and removal. This provides positive tip contact regardless of expanding and contracting of the surface due to changes in temperature. A variety of mounting adapters are available for proper selection to conform with machine and tooling design.

Calibration: Standard Type J,
also available in Type K, T and E
Diameter: 0.125” or 0.187”
Sheath Material: 310SS, 304SS, 316SS,
Measuring Junction: Grounded or
Ungrounded. (Ungrounded thermocouples
are used to isolate the TC from other
sources of voltage that could affect your
temperature reading.)
Termination: Bare ends, connectors
(plug/jack), molded connectors, spade lugs,
various insulated lead wires with or w/out
stainless steel over braid.
Accessories: Bayonet mounting adapters

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